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MAKITA Yoshiharu
MAKITA Yoshiharu
Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

Besides the fact that both of his parents are on an extended business trip overseas, Mizutani Masayuki was just your normal high school student. One day, Shimizu Sayaka, a girl who's in the same grade as he is, barges unexpectedly into his home and his life announcing, “Your parents hired me to be your maid!” From that day forward, Masayuki finds himself having to deal with Sayaka, the self-declared “live-in maid, er wife,” Takamura Yuka, his aunt who is actually younger than him and fondly calls him “Onii-chan,” the yandere girl Takagi Mai who is in love with Yuka, and his senpai Ozono Anna whose imagination about Masayuki and Sayaka’s relationship always runs wild. Thus, his days of being caught up in those girls crazy ideas (usually unprintable) begins.

The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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Rescue Me! 10.218 Sep 2017
Rescue Me! 10.110 Sep 2017
Rescue Me! 9.230 Aug 2017
Rescue Me! 9.125 Aug 2017
Rescue Me! 810 Jul 2016
Rescue Me! 710 Jul 2016
Rescue Me! 610 Jul 2016
Rescue Me! 510 Jul 2016
Rescue Me! 410 Jul 2016
Rescue Me! 310 Jul 2016
Rescue Me! 210 Jul 2016
Rescue Me! 110 Jul 2016